I believe that the definition of a truly
healthy and sustainable human society is
one where there is a true respect for and
celebration of all life. whether in our
own backyards, communities, or regions.
I try to practice this in my own life by
treading as lightly as possible on my
own little piece of earth, and I can help
you do the same. My work is a fusion of
horticulture and ecology, and I believe
that sound garden design and
development can borrow from both
disiplines to provide a pratical,
beautiful, and resposible way for us to
live with and learn from the non-human
world. Typically, I begin with an
inventory of plant species, communities,
and physical features, and use this
information to guide design and
development in a way that builds on and
celebrates the diversity inhabiting your
little piece of heaven. I am available for
consutation on an ourly or daily basis at
$100/hr + travel.

For more information, please email me at
info@williamcullina.com. Thanks!